Teen Bing Search Engine Optimization

Alongside the development of Bing, more webmasters are interested in how to improve their website ranking in the Bing. Read here some tips to maximize your SEO ranking your website with Bing, may help. These tips come from several articles and methods that I do myself, may be useful. Please try;)
  1. Bing SEO Tip 1: Web Page Title. It is important that the title page consists of reviewing the contents of keywords that your page content.
  2. Bing SEO Tip 2: Age web domain. Bing is very interested in the website with the domain of've aged a long time. In essence, the earlier you register or make your domain name, the better for Bing to be meranking your website. Thus, if you want to mendevelop a new website, it is better to buy or use a longer domain name.
  3. Bing SEO Tip 3: Number of text proper. Bing appeared to give a higher ranking if pagenya consisting of 300-300 words. Unlike Google, Yahoo or Cuil, Bing is more focused on the relevance of the title page with the content in page.
  4. Bing SEO Tip 4: The more quality links. Link is the most important thing in building a website. The more back links that connect to your website, the better. However, a good link more than 100 times the regular links and bad links usually will lower your ranking. So make sure that there is a link to the page you are very relative link to your content.
  5. Bing SEO Tip 5: Static links are the best. Best to stick with you a static URL and simple (simple). URLs are static and easy to easy to terbookmark indexed.
  6. Bing SEO Tip 6: Linking to another webpage. Another case with Google, Bing will not punish or give page rank penalty if you make a link to a page outside your website. However, when Google made the penalty your page rank, it would be better to limit the number of external links. You'll still need an external link when there are no leaks in your page rank or inmate / penalty. You should add lalukan is rel = "nofollow" tag in your link.
  7. Bing SEO Tip 7: Be Friends with a web crawler. Make sure the file has "robot.txt: in the main directory that allows you Yahoo Slurp to crawl into your site. You have to stop web crawlers from crawling certain files and folders.
  8. Bing SEO Tip 8: Organizing the HTML coding style. Bing liked the webpage terdesign and coded by the standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). This means that you have to design a web page with HTML tags and code that is well established, make sure your page does not have a tag that "unclosed" or "broken link". You can menggukan W3C validation service to test your page.
  9. Bing SEO Tip 9: Update page. If there is 1 page of your site has disappeared or been replaced to a different URL location, then you must give your instructions to the visitor to a new web page.
  10. Bing SEO Tip 10: Protecting your users. Your website will not bring visitors to malware or unwanted third-party website that consists of buruhk content or content that is not connected to your page.


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