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While this may be what you are thinking is: "I have to start earning through online!". Or thoughts like these had long existed in your mind, but with the exclusion of the condition has become part of an online community or a way you still have not moved from its original position. Or could be, did you have to make money online but still avoiding to produce more.

As most of you, Jeremy Schoemaker, had already been entered into all these categories. Now, he is known as 'Shoemoney' (for very obvious reasons, make money). There we have to know the most important factors to keep in mind in making money online.

In a video interview with Abby Prince, Jeremy explained very specific about blogs and how to monetize blogs. According to real money in blogs in affiliate network. "If you want to blogging about a theme and there is a link in it" Schoe said, "sure to be important in order to get a link."

The following are excerpts from the interview very informative for anyone who is doing business online, not just bloger. In an effort to make money, you need to set aside or not menomersatukan money first. According to Jeremy, intended for the bloger that the main purpose of the bloggers are getting readers (reader) and increase the number of new RSS subscriber.

If only the writing or posting blog entries about what affiliates want to pay the highest rate of the day, your readers will quickly get bored, they'll feel something is missing, hungry for the latest info. This is true not only for the bloggers alone, but anyone who has a website and all forms of advertising - affiliate or otherwise.

Jeremy emphasized the goal of the bloggers are building a reader base (build traffic) and be careful of losing the reader base is due to the lack of promotion post a good (bad / excessive ads).

Plumpness of us are not comfortable working in the end of the week. At the same time, it must be remembered that the subscriber, reader, the end user or customer does not use the Internet just for fun reading it and click on the link and make money for you.

. Create content that really interests you, the reader's attention, too. Then use relevant affiliate link and / or sell ad space to sponsors that match your content.

Traffic will come for content, not to make money for you. If the user is expected to be reduced quality content for your content is leading to the promotions so ... they will leave you leave the.

If you wake up in the morning and find that traffic and leads to the wrong direction ... try to see through the eyes of users. Does your site have more than a sponsor or banner NASCAR race car? There must be a problem. Priotitas and elimination. Do you have an ad and link Secure Servers and Web site hosting in your furniture? I do not care how much they want to pay what ... but it threatens your credibility in the long run ... in this case finance. Try to find a sponsor that is consistent with the content site. Maybe they pay less, but they will not make your user base running.

So when Shoemoney says the biggest secret of making money is used to save money ... this is what he meant. Your user base is your greatest commodity. If you maintain the user base, they will keep you well. Building a user base is hard work. Are you willing to stake them just because a little extra dollars each month?

What do you think now the most important factor in the neighbor Monetizing site (or blog)?


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