Setting Your Blog, Blogspot

For the friend who just made a blog, there are some settings / preferences that should be done so that our blog can identify such as Google's search engine, yahoo, Msn and friends another. If you do not know what to in the settings, please follow these steps:
  1. Please Login to mate with a user name and password of my friend
  2. Click the blog title is not in the settings (if my friend already has several blogs)
  3. Click Settings, click Basic trus. Some form must be filled in the Basic menu:
    1. Title => blog content with the title mate. Example: Blogspot Tutorial
    2. Description => blog content with a description of my friend. Example: Here we will share experiences and knowledge about the Blog
    3. Add your blog to our list? => select yes for each post we always go in the list of
    4. Let the search engines find your blog? => select yes
    5. Show Quick Editing on your Blog? => select Yes
    6. Show Email Post Links? => should select yes, but choose not too fine
    7. Adult Content? => Select no. If you select yes means your blog is considered a blog for adults (a kind of porn blog)
    8. Show Compose Mode for all of your blog? => select Yes
    9. Enable transliteration? => select No, if you want a button to change the letters used to Hindi (India), select yes if otherwise)
    10. Click the Save Settings button. Done.
  1. Click Publications to set the menu  Publications:
    1. Address => Blog * Spot blog content with a friend. Example: column-tutorial. Usually the address listed is the direct address of your blog, so do the change.
    2. Click button Save Settings. Done
  1. Click the Format  to set the format menu:
    1. See => select the number of posts you want to display. Missal: Display: 6 posts, then post that will appear in the page blog buddy is a total of six posts. Select the post (not days) in the pulldown menu.
    2. Date Header Format => Choose the date / month you like, format the date / month it will always appear on our posts.
    3. Format date Archive Index => select the model for lawyer-an archive that you like.
    4. Timestamp Format => Select the form of time you like.
    5. Time Zone => Select the appropriate time zone. Example for WIT: [UTC-+7.00] Asia / Jakarta.
    6. Language => Select the desired language.
    7. See Field title => Select yes or not okay
    8. Show column links => select yes, but if choose not too fine.
    9. Enable float alignment => select yes, but if want to select is not too fine
    10. Click the Save Settings button. Done
  1. Click on Comments To set the menu comments:
    1. Comments => select the show, is that your articles can be commented by the visitors
    2. Who Can Commenting? => Choose Anyone - includes Anonymous user. This meant that everyone could comment not limited to members only blogspot.
    3. Default to post comments => select a new post has a comment.
    4. Link back => Select the display. This meant that we know if there is put a link on our article.
    5. Backlinks Default for Posts => select a new post Have Backlinks.
    6. The format of Timestamp Comments => select the format hour short cut. Example: 8:00 PM.
    7. See comments in a popup window? => select Yes. So that when the clicks by visitors, your blog page does not disappear / komntar affected page.
    8. Enable comment moderation? => select (should be).
    9. Show word verification for comments? => select Yes. This in intended to avoid the robot software in order to spam.
    10. Show profile images on comments? => select yes. So the picture commentators have en blogger wrote, can display the picture.
    11. Email Notification Comments dg => contents your email address, this meant that every one commented on your article, you can post an email from as notification.
    12. Click the Save Settings button. Done
  1. Click on Archive To set the menu Archive:
    1. Frequency Monthly Archive => select.
    2. Enable Post Pages? => select yes.
    3. Click the Save Settings button. Done. 
  1. Click Sites to regulate Fedd menu site feed:
    1. Allow Blog Feed => select Full.
    2. Post URL => Changing the Direction of Feed in a feed content to address such penggati feed address of the feed burner, if you do not have, in clear only.
    3. Post Feed Footer => Please fill in the ad code you have, for example code from the Google Adsense ads, etc., but if you do not have, please empty it.
    4. Click the Save Changes button. Done.

One job was done, stay to meet other work ..


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