How to Install the Google Adsense code on Blogspot


How to Install the Google Adsense code on Blogspot.

How to put google adsense code diblogspot very easy. There are 2 ways we can use to install the google adsense code in the template of our blogspot. The first is by using the page element. And the second by using blogger ad code converter.

Okay first we discuss the first way to use elements of the page.

  1. Prepare google adsense javascript code you are going to put on your blogspot.
  2. login to your account.
  3. Sign in to your Dashboard and select the layout.
  4. Select the added sidebar gadgets in your example.
  5. After the new window appears and there are lots of gadgets options there page element, select HTML / javascript.
  6. Fill up your titles and content with the content adsense code that you have prepared earlier.
  7. Save and organize appropriate location adsense position you want.
  8. Done.

Submit URL to Seacrh Engine


How to submit URL to search engine..?

It is very important for you to submit individually to the sites below. I realize that some of the sites charge for inclusion, but the majority do not, so work through the list and get the job done. Most important is the submission to Google, AdlandPro, Yahoo! and BING.COM. Many of these other smaller sites will be tomorrow's leaders, so don't neglect all the other engines listed on the page. Be sure that your website is constructed well, with good meta tags, keyword density and relevant content. It's well worth all the effort! Here is a bit of advice on adding urls; Don't continually add the same url over and over to the same search engine. Do not submit different versions of the same url, and always use free ads on classified sites to advertise your url. Use creative and unique content in the ads, and never spam! I recommend that you go through this entire list and add urls. Addurl and Submit Url Now! 

Visit here to submit your URL

Get your adsense accout as easy as possible.


Getting adsense account is hard these days. specially for Indians they didn’t get approved to this great program easily.But lastly I found a way to get approved on Adsense fast and safe within 24hours. But this is legal way. ATTENTION Dont reapply if you got banned from adsense one time because its against their terms of service
I AM not guaranteeing approval using this method 100% please mind that. Yes people from India, Africa it doesnt matter And I havent seen this method shared anywhere else…Unlike some other methods shared like Create a Youtube Channel ,upload videos, Make sure those videos get some hits and apply for Adsense, this method doesnt need much work on your part..
It is as simple as it gets. Here is how… is a website that is partnering with Google Adsense. It is much like , where people read documents, ebooks online uploaded by others.
When you sign up for docstoc account using the URL you have an option to join Adsense through their website if you dont have Adsense account..Here is the URL
For those who do not have a adsense account they can apply to Adsense through their website

Start by registering or signing into Docstoc.
Don’t have an AdSense account yet? That’s okay – we’ll help you set one up. It’s easy.
You are now logged in, click submit to complete your DocCash application
Submitting information to Google AdSense

* I already have an AdSense account
Please enter the following information you provided to Google when you registered with AdSense.
Please fill out all of the following fields.
Email Address
Last 5 Digits of Phone Number
Postal Code

* I’d like to set up an AdSense account
Please provide your email address below. Google will email you instructions on how to set up your new AdSense account. You should receive the instructions within 2-3 days.
Once your account is confirmed, you will automatically begin earning revenue from the documents you have uploaded to Docstoc.
And that is it, you get approved within 24 hours. For ads placed in their site( (thru Your adsense account), they share a 50/50 revenue…However you can use the adsense account for your sites/blogs and for ads placed in your blogs/sites you keep all the revenue to yourself….
So you can earn some $$$ from (50 % revenue) in addition to using your blogs/sites…
So what are you waiting for ? For those who dont have a adsense account, GO GET ONE…

5 Google Adsense Secrets, Tips and Tricks


  1. Blend your ads. Adsense color and font size
a.                  It’s tested and it works. Use the same colour of your page background, for the border and the background of the ad.
b.                  Use the same colors used in your page, for the Adsense ad title, text and url link.
c.                  If possible use the same font in your page, as the Adsense ads. Since the ads have variable text size and font, according to dimension and type of ad, you can never do this 100% right. But every little bit helps.
Real life Adsense font size and type
768×60 Ad unit:
Title: style="line-height:12px; font-size:11px; font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif"
Description: style="line-height:12px; font-size:10px; font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif"
URL: style="line-height:12px; font-size:10px" face="verdana,arial,sans-serif"
300×250 Ad unit:
Title: style="line-height:14px;font-size:11px" face="arial,sans-serif"
Description: style="line-height:14px;font-size:11px" face="arial,sans-serif"
URL: style="line-height:14px;font-size:10px" face="arial,sans-serif"
As you can notice above, some ads have the arial font as default, some have verdana. Some have a 10px description text, some have 11px. And besides all that, each box may contain 1 up to 4 ads, and depending on that the font sizes will change. So it’s really up to you to experiment and see what works best for you, in as many cases as possible.
d.                  Try to not separate the ad from the content (like trashing the ad in some remote corner of your website. Integrate it within the content (in, within, next to, above, below etc).

  1. Placing ads high on a page is good
Position the ads with the highest CTR, as high as possible in the page, in the source’s order (in the image below, notice that the ad appears just below the body tag). The first ads that appear in the pages (in the source’s order) get the most income per click.

  1. Use images. Images and Adsense work together
use images left or right of the ads. It makes them seen as part of the pages content, and your CTR increases. It doesn’t matter what images you use. Use any plain generic images. If you can, try to corelate those with the niche/domain of your website/blog. Be carefull not to write text, point arrows or similar on the images, as that might be seen as click incentives.

  1. Earnings are variable, based on CTR
With the smart pricing idea, your income varies a lot, according to each of your channel’s CTR rate.
Now this is very important: It’s account-wide, not channel-wide. So if you have a very good CTR (5%-50%) for one website, and you include it in the same account with a 0.04# CTR website, you will loose money.
Remove all the websites (from your account) that don’t have at least a 5% CTR (or depeding on your overall CTR, remove the ones that are really lower than your average), or you’ll affect the income of all the other good converting websites.

  1. Use non-standard types of ads
We all know that web-savvy (eg. webmasters or people that use the Internet for so many years, and know all the standards, convetions and so on) users are ad-blind.
Banners like 468×80 have been on the Internet since it’s creation. Even people who use the Internet vaguely or once a month, are kind of blind to these standard banners.
Instead, use vertical skyscrapers, or boxed ads. They have a much higher click rate. The Adsense team even published a list of their highest performing ad sizes:
·        336×280 large rectangle
·        300×250 inline rectangle
·        160×600 wide skyscraper

Keyword Fundamentals Will Determine Your Website Success


Successful sports teams have engrained in their heads the fundamentals of their sports. Business leaders and coaches alike who dwell on the fundamentals usually have the most successful outcomes. Failure is almost always rooted in a deviation from the fundamentals. So if your website is not delivering clients, perhaps you're missing the fundamentals.

Part of the answer is no one actually taught you the fundamentals of website success. Most businesses understand the need for a website, few understand the fundamentals. Getting your website to deliver clients is an exercise in fundamentals. First and foremost is a back to basics, grass roots understandng of your market, website style.

Keyword research is the first thing every website owner should have done but most didn't. With respect to your online business, keyword research equals market research. The coolest thing about being online is that you can absolutely KNOW your market, understand their interests and create an online business and marketing plan relative to your market and their needs.

There are probably hundreds of keyword research tools online that can help you do research. Our advice is to seek out an expert. Getting the data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is quite a different thing.

Relative to keyword research, here's what we can find via search engine tools: keywords and keyword phrases, search volumes, total web pages using those keywords, web pages optimized for those keywords, keywords in hypertext (called anchor text) linking to other sites and pages. We can even look at any specific website and determine what keywords they are at least trying to rank for. And of course, type the keyword phrase into a search box will list the top ten sites ranking for that term. The result of such a search is referred to as the SERPS or the Search Engine Results Pages.

The best keywords to use are ones that will generate reasonable traffic AND have very little competition. One of the parameters we seek in our keyword research is to determine the competitiveness of the keyword phrases. Google will tell us how many web pages are indexed for the search term. Just run a search and notice in the upper right of the results that Google will tell you how many pages are indexed with your search keywords. Without getting too technical here, Google and the other major search engines will also tell you how many web pages use those keywords in the page title, an indication that those pages specifically cover the topic of your search. Having keywords in the page title is one of the key ways to optimize a webpage for the keyword. Knowing how many pages are doing this gives you a better idea of how many pages are intentionally using the keywords you're researching.

The first thing that has to go is the ego of the site and/or business owner. Unless you show up in the first page of the search engine results, you're NOBODY! Worse, you can't push your way through the crowd to get to the top of the SERPS. You can get there by Google sponsored ads - Adwords guarantee your visibility on the SERPS. But still the point is, you'll pay.

Let's consider three strategies for beating your competition relative to the search engine results.

Choose the same keywords that your competition is ranking for and go head to head. If they are doing pay-per-click, you do it too. In this scenario, you'll end up spending a lot of money to achieve and maintain top SERPS positions. If your competition is ranking on good, high traffic terms, plan on spending time, money and resources to get to the same position it may have taken them years to achieve. A direct strategy can get bloody. Ultimately, it is the most obvious choice, the least creative and the stupidest!

Choose keywords that your competitors didn't even think of! An indirect strategy is often associated with cross marketing and selling through an indirect channel. If you sell a service or product that your competitors don't have, you channel your efforts through that market knowing there's some pull-through relative to your other products and services. Very often you could be sucking business right out from under your competition' s nose and they don't even see it!

Find out what keywords your competition is NOT ranking for in the same keyword set and go after them. The divisional strategy is the primary marketing method of niche marketers. Most business owners will equate the word "niche" with the word "small". On the web, niche site owners are millionaires! Get rid of your pre-conceptions. The web is huge.

We use a two step process for choosing keywords. First, you have to take your direct competition into account. The second part is to look specifically at the search engine optimization parameters to determine which keywords make sense for you to specifically go after.

The leverage a website carries is in part determined by its page rank. Page rank is in large part determined by how many other sites on the web link to yours. Your exposure in the SERPS is in turn affected by your page rank. The reason you need to know this is if the top ten websites all out rank you in terms of page rank, you're better off choosing another keyword.

About The Google Sanbox


About the Google Sandbox. Certainly for those of you who are learning seo like me know about the Sandbox Effect and is also the master's many seo Indonesia wrote an article about it from his signs until a few ways to get out of jail this google. I am here trying to re-examine very little that I know and I have read about penglaman plus the dreaded by this blogger. Need I emphasize here that the Google sandbox is right there, but we need to fear when your blog or website that we have in prison kecemplung google it. Okay, let's discuss this little fundamentally.

Have you ever experienced when posting your blog / website you who have emerged suddenly disappeared from the SERP? Indication as it is usually applied to the blog / web that has ranked in google but in reality its all good your blog or website that has a ranking or not be able to experience it as long as your blog / web belongs to us already tercrawl by robots crawl. There were indications such as the one who called google sandbox and there will be no announcement or warning from google as web / blog us throw them in jail.

Like I said above the sandbox is like a prison, a place where google consider whether we are worthy blogs in google SERP or not and also hold the contents of the web / blog dicurugai using black hat seo techniques. His example in this blog post titled identify and visit tourist attractions in Pandeglang, had entered yesterday was serp er instead now disappeared from circulation, why be like that? Maybe when I try a new indexed several changes to the article yet again when I tried to change the title of this blog or are still many other things that it deh.

Maybe there was a sandbox phenomenon is not uncommon to have a lot of bloggers are frightened when their blogs or posting serp missing from making the decision to pioneer new again, I think that's something that does not need to be done and we need not fear the phenomenon is due to google sandbox there are still some way to remove blog / website you are trapped in the prison with several techniques and strategies base seo.

Well that's a glimpse of the google sandbox is basically what I know and what I experienced, if anyone wants to add or correct some mistakes in this article I am extremely grateful. And for the next article I will try to discuss why get in the sandbox and how the effort to remove blog / web us from the prison this google.

My Teacher's "My Experience"


Many people ask me, sir ... who's your teacher .... until you can really SEO, until you can not have SEO Firm SEO Firm defeat the same in America and other foreign countries. Who's behind you? The question often convey a lot of people when I'm coffee, ngeteh or more seminars. Sampe someone asks "How Monthly Income You? No screenshot can be? "Waduh .... My answer that question. My reply will answer honestly not even the quality ... hehehehe ... at about showing off;)

Indeed, I till now still continue to learn SEO and continue to learn about what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization by changing the implementation. Currently I just take care research at my headquarters. Business activity was not much I handle again, because I already have a business development team led by a powerful father, Bambang (ex seasoned hospitality professionals in Bali, Switzerland and Indonesia), which is able to capture and implement vision and my mission.

Who's My Teacher?
Do not laugh yah ....;) I learned SEO since 1998, since college. I learned SEO also not have a computer, the computer I can afford myself the year 2000 (due to have new money). Like the story my story before, I did start it all from knee capital. there is no money guys! ...

At that time internet marketing guru has not been scattered in Indonesia (8 years ago) like today. My friends were pelitnya half modar for this science business. Mo follow-up online learning is also not a farthing. How do I learn?

In the view of Islam (I peeled from the bottom of my beliefs as a Muslim), there is no phenomenon that occurs in this world without a cause. In other words, whatever happens in this world there is no possible cause and just happen by chance.

This is a guide and follow my career. Ayat Quran asserts that God is the cause of everything that happens in the universe. For example, a physician who successfully treated a patient after trying hard, or vice versa, he failed even though it was working hard, then the main cause of both conditions is the will of Allah. When Allah Ta'ala bestow taufik to the doctor's success, no one can prevent these taufik, so the doctor's patients will be cured. And vice versa, if God decided that the patient must meet his death, although the doctor had been working hard, the effort would still fail.

Put more simply, Allah Ta'ala will not menerlantarkan people in this world. All things concerned with human beings did not just happen without any calculation or coincidental. In the verses of the Qur'an is also often noted that people had not created a useless or futile. Islamic states, the failure could not have happened without a reason. The Qur'an states, "There is no success and the good that comes to you but it is the grace of God, which is dedicated to you, and there is absolutely no failures or bad but it happened because you caused it yourself."

Therefore, very precise on this occasion we must first define success and failure. What exactly is meant by success or success? In the Islamic view, success is something that is consistent with human nature and something that assessed both by the conscience of humanity. In contrast, the mean failure is something that is considered bad by conscience or human instinct.

My teachers who hold true? of my career above ground, pengelaman is my best teacher. I was never afraid to try. Experiment after experiment for Google and yahoo I have done. There are ngarahin gak .... because there was not the best teacher in this country. They are not the owners of Google's (god willing, next year I will meet with Larry Page). Only the courage you to try is the best teacher, do not be afraid of, do not be afraid of the Bann, do not be afraid to hit the sandbox.

I never studied as Matt Cutts, Brad Callen, Fabianlim. During my opening statement this way of thinking Google and Yahoo! only in that have been mentioned in the Quran. For business applications, it's easy. Origin understand html and a little programasi, well dah ... the hard part is knowing Google and Yahoo thinking. Want to know where is it? contact me ... I love to know you.

Secret Site Monetizing


While this may be what you are thinking is: "I have to start earning through online!". Or thoughts like these had long existed in your mind, but with the exclusion of the condition has become part of an online community or a way you still have not moved from its original position. Or could be, did you have to make money online but still avoiding to produce more.

As most of you, Jeremy Schoemaker, had already been entered into all these categories. Now, he is known as 'Shoemoney' (for very obvious reasons, make money). There we have to know the most important factors to keep in mind in making money online.

In a video interview with Abby Prince, Jeremy explained very specific about blogs and how to monetize blogs. According to real money in blogs in affiliate network. "If you want to blogging about a theme and there is a link in it" Schoe said, "sure to be important in order to get a link."

The following are excerpts from the interview very informative for anyone who is doing business online, not just bloger. In an effort to make money, you need to set aside or not menomersatukan money first. According to Jeremy, intended for the bloger that the main purpose of the bloggers are getting readers (reader) and increase the number of new RSS subscriber.

If only the writing or posting blog entries about what affiliates want to pay the highest rate of the day, your readers will quickly get bored, they'll feel something is missing, hungry for the latest info. This is true not only for the bloggers alone, but anyone who has a website and all forms of advertising - affiliate or otherwise.

Jeremy emphasized the goal of the bloggers are building a reader base (build traffic) and be careful of losing the reader base is due to the lack of promotion post a good (bad / excessive ads).

Plumpness of us are not comfortable working in the end of the week. At the same time, it must be remembered that the subscriber, reader, the end user or customer does not use the Internet just for fun reading it and click on the link and make money for you.

. Create content that really interests you, the reader's attention, too. Then use relevant affiliate link and / or sell ad space to sponsors that match your content.

Traffic will come for content, not to make money for you. If the user is expected to be reduced quality content for your content is leading to the promotions so ... they will leave you leave the.

If you wake up in the morning and find that traffic and leads to the wrong direction ... try to see through the eyes of users. Does your site have more than a sponsor or banner NASCAR race car? There must be a problem. Priotitas and elimination. Do you have an ad and link Secure Servers and Web site hosting in your furniture? I do not care how much they want to pay what ... but it threatens your credibility in the long run ... in this case finance. Try to find a sponsor that is consistent with the content site. Maybe they pay less, but they will not make your user base running.

So when Shoemoney says the biggest secret of making money is used to save money ... this is what he meant. Your user base is your greatest commodity. If you maintain the user base, they will keep you well. Building a user base is hard work. Are you willing to stake them just because a little extra dollars each month?

What do you think now the most important factor in the neighbor Monetizing site (or blog)?

Setting Your Blog, Blogspot


For the friend who just made a blog, there are some settings / preferences that should be done so that our blog can identify such as Google's search engine, yahoo, Msn and friends another. If you do not know what to in the settings, please follow these steps:
  1. Please Login to mate with a user name and password of my friend
  2. Click the blog title is not in the settings (if my friend already has several blogs)
  3. Click Settings, click Basic trus. Some form must be filled in the Basic menu:
    1. Title => blog content with the title mate. Example: Blogspot Tutorial
    2. Description => blog content with a description of my friend. Example: Here we will share experiences and knowledge about the Blog
    3. Add your blog to our list? => select yes for each post we always go in the list of
    4. Let the search engines find your blog? => select yes
    5. Show Quick Editing on your Blog? => select Yes
    6. Show Email Post Links? => should select yes, but choose not too fine
    7. Adult Content? => Select no. If you select yes means your blog is considered a blog for adults (a kind of porn blog)
    8. Show Compose Mode for all of your blog? => select Yes
    9. Enable transliteration? => select No, if you want a button to change the letters used to Hindi (India), select yes if otherwise)
    10. Click the Save Settings button. Done.
  1. Click Publications to set the menu  Publications:
    1. Address => Blog * Spot blog content with a friend. Example: column-tutorial. Usually the address listed is the direct address of your blog, so do the change.
    2. Click button Save Settings. Done
  1. Click the Format  to set the format menu:
    1. See => select the number of posts you want to display. Missal: Display: 6 posts, then post that will appear in the page blog buddy is a total of six posts. Select the post (not days) in the pulldown menu.
    2. Date Header Format => Choose the date / month you like, format the date / month it will always appear on our posts.
    3. Format date Archive Index => select the model for lawyer-an archive that you like.
    4. Timestamp Format => Select the form of time you like.
    5. Time Zone => Select the appropriate time zone. Example for WIT: [UTC-+7.00] Asia / Jakarta.
    6. Language => Select the desired language.
    7. See Field title => Select yes or not okay
    8. Show column links => select yes, but if choose not too fine.
    9. Enable float alignment => select yes, but if want to select is not too fine
    10. Click the Save Settings button. Done
  1. Click on Comments To set the menu comments:
    1. Comments => select the show, is that your articles can be commented by the visitors
    2. Who Can Commenting? => Choose Anyone - includes Anonymous user. This meant that everyone could comment not limited to members only blogspot.
    3. Default to post comments => select a new post has a comment.
    4. Link back => Select the display. This meant that we know if there is put a link on our article.
    5. Backlinks Default for Posts => select a new post Have Backlinks.
    6. The format of Timestamp Comments => select the format hour short cut. Example: 8:00 PM.
    7. See comments in a popup window? => select Yes. So that when the clicks by visitors, your blog page does not disappear / komntar affected page.
    8. Enable comment moderation? => select (should be).
    9. Show word verification for comments? => select Yes. This in intended to avoid the robot software in order to spam.
    10. Show profile images on comments? => select yes. So the picture commentators have en blogger wrote, can display the picture.
    11. Email Notification Comments dg => contents your email address, this meant that every one commented on your article, you can post an email from as notification.
    12. Click the Save Settings button. Done
  1. Click on Archive To set the menu Archive:
    1. Frequency Monthly Archive => select.
    2. Enable Post Pages? => select yes.
    3. Click the Save Settings button. Done. 
  1. Click Sites to regulate Fedd menu site feed:
    1. Allow Blog Feed => select Full.
    2. Post URL => Changing the Direction of Feed in a feed content to address such penggati feed address of the feed burner, if you do not have, in clear only.
    3. Post Feed Footer => Please fill in the ad code you have, for example code from the Google Adsense ads, etc., but if you do not have, please empty it.
    4. Click the Save Changes button. Done.

One job was done, stay to meet other work ..

How to Avoid the Wrong Internet Marketing Service


First and foremost, you need to ask the right questions:
  1. You need to determine how long the company has been involved with Internet marketing.
  2. You should ask to see testimonials from past clients.
  3. You should search online for their services. In fact, you should attempt to find their website by using keywords and keyword phrases which are relevant to the services they provide. Obviously, if you fail to find them on the first page of Google search results, then your alarm bells should start ringing. For example, if you were considering using the services of Sunshine Coast Internet Marketing Company, you could do a search for Sunshine Coast Internet marketing, internet marketing Sunshine Coast, etc.
The most important thing of all is that you acknowledge the fact that going with the wrong internet marketing company can end up costing you a considerable amount of money for nothing. On the other hand, if you choose to use the services of a reputable company, you can almost be certain that your website will end up ranking much higher than it did before.

Change Your Blog Templates


There are many kind of template on the internet for free to download. Here i will to try how to change your blog template in blogspot.

Change your template blog from xml file :

  1. Please download free template from here, extrack and save on your hardrive.
  2. Login in your blogspot account.
  3. After your login chose the blog where will you change.
  4. Choose Layout. and click Edit Html.
5. Then Click browse. select the xml file from your hardrive

6. Click Upload, then confirm for Save Setting
7. Your blog templates has changed.
8. Good Luck

Create Blog At Blogspot


There are many service providers to create one blog an example at entry site address in address bar your browser
Please do the following steps:

  1. Klik arrow sign that reads "Create YOUR BLOG"
  2. Fill E-mail address with your email address
  3. Fill again email address on the form
  4. Write a password
  5. Write again your password
  6. Write name with the name you want to show
  7. Write the text contained in the Word Verification form. Marked TIK / check the box on any posts on the edge and I accept the Terms of Service.
  8. Klik image arrow labeled "CONTINUE"
  9. Write the blog title that you want (in the future can change again) in the form Blog Title
  10. Write name of your site in the form Blog address (URL)
  11. Write verify any posts that are displayed on the verification form words, if the picture is finished click the arrow labeled "CONTINUE".
  12. Choise image (template) that you want (in the future can change again), and click the image arrow labeled "CONTINUE".
  13. After "Your blog has been created." Click on the picture the arrow labeled "FROM POST". Please write you at your convenience, if you are finished click the "PUBLISH POST".

How to Automatically Create a Keyword via Keywordle


Want a quick way to know keywords for your blog? Reply yes, I recommend trying automatic application made with the help of Keywordle keyword. How to use this application is not difficult, we live just enter the URL address and the destination keywordle let alone analyze keywords that best suit the event. If less comfortable with the results given keyword, we can sort them yourself kok, and determine which keywords are used if appropriate. In addition the facility also wrote a meta-tags Show the contents of code compiled listings from a meta-tag keywords that are ready to copy-paste into your blogs are at each course..

Please try , mybe can help you!!

Teen Bing Search Engine Optimization


Alongside the development of Bing, more webmasters are interested in how to improve their website ranking in the Bing. Read here some tips to maximize your SEO ranking your website with Bing, may help. These tips come from several articles and methods that I do myself, may be useful. Please try;)
  1. Bing SEO Tip 1: Web Page Title. It is important that the title page consists of reviewing the contents of keywords that your page content.
  2. Bing SEO Tip 2: Age web domain. Bing is very interested in the website with the domain of've aged a long time. In essence, the earlier you register or make your domain name, the better for Bing to be meranking your website. Thus, if you want to mendevelop a new website, it is better to buy or use a longer domain name.
  3. Bing SEO Tip 3: Number of text proper. Bing appeared to give a higher ranking if pagenya consisting of 300-300 words. Unlike Google, Yahoo or Cuil, Bing is more focused on the relevance of the title page with the content in page.
  4. Bing SEO Tip 4: The more quality links. Link is the most important thing in building a website. The more back links that connect to your website, the better. However, a good link more than 100 times the regular links and bad links usually will lower your ranking. So make sure that there is a link to the page you are very relative link to your content.
  5. Bing SEO Tip 5: Static links are the best. Best to stick with you a static URL and simple (simple). URLs are static and easy to easy to terbookmark indexed.
  6. Bing SEO Tip 6: Linking to another webpage. Another case with Google, Bing will not punish or give page rank penalty if you make a link to a page outside your website. However, when Google made the penalty your page rank, it would be better to limit the number of external links. You'll still need an external link when there are no leaks in your page rank or inmate / penalty. You should add lalukan is rel = "nofollow" tag in your link.
  7. Bing SEO Tip 7: Be Friends with a web crawler. Make sure the file has "robot.txt: in the main directory that allows you Yahoo Slurp to crawl into your site. You have to stop web crawlers from crawling certain files and folders.
  8. Bing SEO Tip 8: Organizing the HTML coding style. Bing liked the webpage terdesign and coded by the standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). This means that you have to design a web page with HTML tags and code that is well established, make sure your page does not have a tag that "unclosed" or "broken link". You can menggukan W3C validation service to test your page.
  9. Bing SEO Tip 9: Update page. If there is 1 page of your site has disappeared or been replaced to a different URL location, then you must give your instructions to the visitor to a new web page.
  10. Bing SEO Tip 10: Protecting your users. Your website will not bring visitors to malware or unwanted third-party website that consists of buruhk content or content that is not connected to your page.

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines


If you are interested in driving more traffic to your blog maybe you can learn about search engine optimization, the first thing you should do is create useful, compelling content. The next thing you should do is make sure that content is easily found in search results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Movable Type does a few things automatically that are very helpful to getting ranked higher in search engines. For example, Google likes pages that are well structured, with header and title tags, and with lots of text. The default templates in MT ensure that the pages of your blog are well structured with H1, H2, and H3 header tags, and even title tags that include the name of the entry in them.
Here are some additional steps you can take:


1. Pick easy-to-reference titles for your entries. If your entry is about armadillo sleeping patterns, use "Armadillo Sleeping Patterns" as a title for your entry, not "Desert Dozing". Search engines work off of "keywords". Think about what words people would use to search for your entry and then use those words in the title. This advice goes against the conventional wisdom of having "catchy" headlines for your blog entries. Catchy or obscure titles are fine if you have an established readership like some of the more popular bloggers out there. But if you want to attract people who may not know you exist in the first place, and you have content that would be useful to them, keep the entry titles simple and straightforward. Put keywords in your titles.
Make sure your the title tag in the header of your individual entry archive template includes the name of the entry.

2. Use keywords in the text of your entries. Again, think about what words people would use to search for your entry and make sure those words appear at least once or twice in the text of the entry.

3. Link to other bloggers who share your interests. They just might link back to you. Google PageRank, which is what determines who shows up first in Google's search results, depends on inbound links to your site, and to each page in the site. (See this useful explanation of PageRank.) Exercise caution in asking a fellow blogger to exchange links with you however; many don't do link exchanges as a matter of principle.

4. In the same vein as linking to other bloggers, provide external links to resources of similar or complementary content. Almost everyone knows that the way to score higher in Google rankings is to have other sites linking to you. What isn't as well known is that Google also considers the external links you have placed on your site. A good content site would have links to other sites of similar content, right?

5. Put a sidebar with links to your archives on all of your templates. The more pages that link to an individual page, the better. So if your blog pages all have links to your monthly or category archives, and those archives have links to the individual pages, this raises the page rank for those individual pages. It will also make it easier for your site visitors to find your archived articles.

6. Link to related entries. If you have other entries on your blog that are related to a specific entry, link to them from that entry.

7. Keep your printer-friendly pages from being picked up by search engines. You want search engines to find your fully formated pages with external links, etc., not your print pages or pop-up pages with lists of trackback references. You also don't want search engines to penalize you for duplicate content. To keep a page from getting indexed in a search engine, place the following meta-tag in the header section of the HTML for your printer page index and your TrackBack Listing template:

For more information about how this works see
Note: Once I had this tag in the headers of my individual archive pages by mistake, and sure enough over the course of a month my hits from search engines declined 80 percent.


1. Do not try to scam Google or other search engines. Do not sign up with link farms, or schemes to drive traffic to your site. You might find yourself getting kicked out of the index all together.
2. Do not link to a site that you don't trust. Inbound links won't hurt your page rank, but if you link to a known spammer or scammer, that will hurt your page rank. In fact, before you link to an external site, check the site and make sure that it is well maintained and legit, and also not over-run by spam itself

How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines


by Neil Patel on February 2, 2009
search engine optimization
Over the past few years I worked with 30 of the top 100 blogs to help them increase their traffic. The thing that all of these blogs have in common is that they have great content. But one thing that most of these blogs didn’t do right is leverage search engines.
Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you follow the instructions below, you can optimize your blog within 30 minutes.

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Problem With SEO


I am try to aplication about search engine optimization, but until now ia always failed why..?, but i am always positif thinking about it, i am always try and try to  make this blog indexed in google or other search enggine.
may me someone read this writing can help me how to learn about search engine optimization.

Download Free Template For Your Blog


Besides having a good content google adsense templates also saw the form of a blog as a basis for application consideration adsense approved, a lot of blog templates that circulate in a variety of variations, so for it to create a blog should also be noted template problem, as the material follows offers reperensi blog some blog templates. free download blog templates

Discover the Answers to the Top 10 SEO Questions


Discover the Answers
to the Top 10 SEO Questions
By Jeremy Gislason (c) 2009 
Any type of online business will strongly benefit from a few SEO techniques. However, everyone and their brother has advice on how to do it. All this 'expert' advice can make the simple task of optimizing your site incredibly confusing. Here are some straightforward answers to the most common SEO questions.

1. What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. A search engine is a tool many internet users use to find sites that are relevant to their needs. The three biggies when it comes to search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are however, hundreds of search engines available to internet users. Search engines work by sending out spiders to crawl through the World Wide Web and gather information. If you have the information they're looking for, in the places they are looking, they'll find you and place you in their results when a person is looking for your information.
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he task of understanding what search engines are looking for and putting it in the right places on your website and in your content, is the essence of search engine optimization. So now you might be asking...what do search engines look for and where do they look for it? The answer is keywords and links. Keywords in your html coding, keywords on your webpage content, keywords in your content, and the number of incoming links you have to your website.

2. How Important is SEO?
Let's just put it this way. What's better, a few visitors who stumble upon your website or hundreds of visitors that go to your website with the direct intention of learning more or making a purchase?
With more and more people searching and shopping online, getting on the first page or two of the search engine results can mean the difference between keeping your day job and becoming an internet millionaire.

3. What are Text Links?
Links are just one of the tools you can use to increase your search engine optimization. The more quality links you have, the better your search engine ranking will be. Text links are links that contain only text. Wikipedia is a great place to examine internal text links. The links are contained within a sentence and when a reader clicks on them they are taken to a different page on the same website. The kind of text links you're looking for will be text links that will take readers from your article, ebook, or web copy to your website.
An excellent tool to generate incoming links is to write copy for online audiences like article directories, blogs, and ezines and insert text links in the copy. Webmasters will link to the content and thus to your site. Additionally, when you allow free reprints of your copy and provided the links are maintained, you're encouraging links to your website.

4. What are Link Farms and Link Exchanges?
Search engines don't accept just any old link. The link has to be from a relevant and quality company. This means you don't want to participate in link farming. If a search engine suspects your links to be lacking, they'll actually penalize you. Link farming or link exchanging is essentially the process of exchanging reciprocal links with Web sites in order to increase your search engine ranking. A link farm is a Web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites. Stay away from link farms. When you generate a link from another site, it had better be relevant and coming from a real web site.
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5. What is Duplicate Content?
The definition of duplicate content is web pages that contain substantially the same content. Search engines will penalize you for this. How do you avoid duplicate content? Don't publish the same article in several locations. There are many tools available online to help you re-write your content so that it is 30%, 40%, and even 50% different. However, the best way to avoid duplicate content is to simply write new content.

6. How do I Find the Right Keywords?
There are several steps to finding the most profitable keywords. The first step is to generally do a bit of brainstorming and come up with a list of keywords you think people will use to find your products. The next step is to research supply and demand for those particular keywords. Supply means how many other websites are using those same keywords and demand is how many people are looking for those particular keywords.
The key is to find keywords with high demand and relatively low supply. There are many effective and useful keyword tools to help you find this information and to generate keyword ideas. Once you decide on a few keywords, it may be useful to do a bit of testing before you commit to them.

7. How do I Optimize My Web Pages?
Placing your keywords in the right location is a good start to optimizing your web pages. Search engines look to the headings, subheadings, domain name, and title of your website. They also look in the content on your page and primarily focus on the first paragraph.
Try to get a domain name with your primary keyword included. When you include your keyword in your URL it tells the search engine spiders immediately what your site is about.
Title Tag. Your title tag is the line of text that appears on search engine results pages that acts as a link to your site. This is a crucial element of your webpage as it describes to your visitors what your page is about.

If you view your source code, your title tag will look something like this: Search Engine Optimization Tips
Keeping your title tags brief, descriptive, up to date, and keyword rich will help to increase the relevance of your site in the eyes of the search engines, as well as giving your potential visitors a good idea of what they can expect from your site.
Meta Tags have lost their importance to the search engines, however, it is still helpful to place your keywords in your meta tags. In your source code they look something like this:

8. Do I Need to Submit My Site to The Search Engines?
The simple answer is - no. Search engine spiders are always out there doing their job and collecting information. Every time you update your website, add content, or change your keywords, the search engines capture the information and record it. However, if you want to be listed in a directory, like the DMOZ Open Directory Project, then you will need to submit to those.

9. What are Spiders?
Search engine spiders are also called web crawlers or bots. They're basically automated programs which scan websites to provide information to search engines often for the purpose of indexing or ranking them.

10. How does Content Help My SEO?
Content is one of the best tools to improve your search engine ranking. It is a great place to emphasize keywords, encourage linking to your site, and increase traffic. The key to content is to make sure you're offering quality content and you're updating your website and your content frequently. Content can be provided in many forms including:

    • Blogs

    • Forums and chat rooms

    • Articles

    • Reviews

    • Case studies

    • Reports

    • How to guides

    • Tutorials

    • e-books and much more.

Top 10 Ways to Earn with Google Adsense Without Creating Your Own Site


Source :

If you don’t have a blog or website to use adsense ads and earn revenue , no need to build one. There are many services that share 100% adsense earnings with users. This is a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money.

1. Simpy

Simpy is a social bookmarking site.

Simpy has support for Google AdSense as a third party. Each Simpy member has his/her main page on Simpy (e.g. jaleel77 ). Every Simpy member can now enter his/her Google AdSense Id into Simpy, and his/her page will immediately start showing ads with his/her Id. All earnings from such ads go to members, as their Ids are used to display ads .

2. Digital Point Forums

Digital Point Forums is a forum site for webmasters.

This forum displays one advertisement in the upper right area as well is inline when viewing a thread. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.

If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.

3. ArticleMuse is a news article directory.

Sharing Ads Position: The Google Ads beside the main content of the article.
Sharing Ratio: Your ads will be displayed in any articles you have submitted 100% of the time till the end of 2006!

4. XpressIdeas

Xpress Ideas is an article directory.

If you have a Google Adsense ID, you can enter that ID when you register on the site. The Google Ads in the middle of the article will have YOUR Google Adsense ID in, meaning that if anybody who clicks on those ads, even on OUR site, YOU get the revenue!

5. Cybersist

Cybersist is place to share your photos and blog, free webmail, file storage and more.

Your Google ads will be displayed in 7 different locations on your public blog and photo pages. Those ads are specifically optimized to allow better penetration of the ads. Any click on those ads will generate a revenue for you through AdSense.

6. TagTooga

TagTooga is a free directory that anyone can edit.

It is easy to use to earn advertising revenue. There are two ways to do it:

(1) Link to Traffic sent from your link will display Google Ads using your Adsense ID.
(2) Create your own category/tag pages.

7. ForuMatrix

ForuMatrix is a news posting site.

The posts you will make, will display 100% your Adsense Banner. No time limits or banner rotations. It’s simple, your Posts with your banners always.

8. Flixya

Flixya is a video sharing site.

Start sharing your videos from Youtube, Google Video, Daily Motion, and other video sharing sites. Our revenue share program is split 50-50. You will make 50% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by the videos you submit. The more traffic your video drives, the more ads will be displayed, and the more money you will make.

9. Swicki

Swicki is a site that allows you to create custom searches

After you have saved your ad program preferences, ads will immediately begin appearing on your swicki’s results pages.
For each active ad program on your swicki, you’ll be credited with 50% of the ad impressions and clicks. The balance will be credited to Eurekster.

10. Senserly is a content hosting website is to provide a place for honest Google AdSense publishers to legitimately increase their daily earnings. As soon as you register, this basically becomes your website, with your AdSense blocks displayed next to your content, and you’ll be able to write articles, reviews, and stories about your knowledge and experience with AdSense or any topic you feel confortable with, as well as read, ask questions, and exchange information with other AdSense publishers.

How to sign up google adsense..?


It seems easy to sign up for Google Adsense, but it turns out that many fail. Here is a list of explanations Google Adsense

  1. Visit have any posts Click Here to Apply -> click.
  1. It's the Information Website.
a.       In the Website URL, write the address of your site or blog. Example:;
b.      On the website language, select English (use the website in English).
  1. There are menu Contact Information:
a.       Account type, select "Individual";
b.      Country or territory, select your country.
  1. Payee name (full name), write your full name according to some name ID card or bank account. And the complete contents of the home address, telephone and facsimile (I is not mandatory) in the field below.
  1. Policies in the field for signs TIK / check all five boxes do you have as a sign the treaty agree with Google Adsense.
  1. In the "Login Information" content of some email addresses will be used to log in / log in to your Google Adsense later when already received; do not forget the password you entered at least seven combination of letters and numbers. For example, number six and one letter or letter of the six numbers plus one. Note: If you have a gmail email, you should use gmail. other email is fine, though.
  1. Check again all filled, when ready, click Submit INFORMATION.
  1. Done. You live or awaiting approval news from Google Adsense OK. Usually after two to five days.

About Google Adsense


What is Google Adsense? For some people who have long struggled in business online or even none at all would still be familiar with google adsense, here I will try to explain the definition of google adsense.Klik here to find out how to sign up google adsense

The definition is google adsense online business opportunities offered by Google for its web publishers to earn money online from the site manages. For now google adsense online business is a very promising and has a good prospect, even I think this is a very profitable investment for expansion along with the Internet usage of our revenues will continue to grow.

There are two categories of google adsense programs offered:

1. AdSense for Content

We provide a space in which to display google ads from Google advertiser. When you look at the top and far right column, you'll see a box with text Ads by Google contain one or more specific ads. These ads usually referred to as the Google AdWords advertising program while at the site known as Google AdSense. If there are visitors to click one of the ads posted on its site, Google will give site owners a commission on the amount of which varies (fully determined by Google for AdWords each), so simple is not it?

2. AdSense for Search

Almost similar to the AdSense for caontent, only involves the AdSense for Search Google search engine in determining the type of Adwords that appear. Thus, visitors of a site to search for keywords (keywords) via a specific Google search engine provided by the site owner. When visitors find the ads and with a good heart-clicking it, then the owner of the site will earn a commission from Google for each click. So we put the Google search engine on our site.

How to Make Money From Your Blog

1 comments was launched on Oct 1st, 2004.  By April 2005 it was averaging $4.12/day in income.  Now it brings in over $200/day $1000/day (updated as of 10/29/06).  I didn’t spend a dime on marketing or promotion.  In fact, I started this site with just $9 to register the domain name, and everything was bootstrapped from there.  Would you like to know how I did it?
This article is seriously long (over 7300 words), but you’re sure to get your money’s worth (hehehe).  I’ll even share some specifics.  If you don’t have time to read it now, feel free to bookmark it or print it out for later.
Do you actually want to monetize your blog?
More detail please visit :
May 3rd, 2006 by Steve Pavlina

How to place Adsense code in your blog’s posts


If you are a webmaster or a blogger you know that one of the first things to use to get some money is Google Adsense code.  Placing the code in your posts’ content is really easy because all you have to do is perform a simple copy-and-paste. That’s it. From now on Adsense will run on your website. The story changes completely when you decide to place the code not as-it-comes, but in the way you want. As a matter of fact, you may decide to place it at the right or left side of your articles, or you may want to add something next to it to blend the ads smoothly with your blog’s content. One of the best alternatives around is to use plugins which help you place Adsense in a lot of ways. If instead you don’t want to use them because they tend to burden the server and slow your website down, here are a couple of solutions that help you place Adsense wherever you want and in the most customizable way.
1) Use DIV tags
This method lets you place Google Adsense at the right or left side of your posts by using DIV tags.
  1. First of all, place this code in the style.css (stylesheet) file of your theme: .adsense {float:right; margin-left: 5px;}
  2. Now, go to your Single.PHP (Single) of your theme, look for (of course you can place the following code wherever you want. Just experiment with it) and add this code right before it:
  3. Place your Adsense code here
A little note as far as the first piece of code I provided namely : .adsense {float:right; margin-left: 5px;}. Basically it says to Adsense to go to the right part of the article and stay away from its content of 5px starting from the left margin of the ads generated by the code. Here is a picture that explains what I mean.

2) Use Html Table
This method is more versatile in my opinion, because it lets you decide how to place Adsense ads wherever you want by using a series of parameters which give you complete control over the positioning of the ads.
  1. Go to your Single.PHP (Single) of your theme, look for (of course you can place the following code wherever you want. Just experiment with it) and add this code right before it:

insert your adsense code here

A little note as far as the first piece of code I provided. It creates a table of just one cell. The content of the table will be aligned to the right. Here are other parameters you can play with:
  1. Border. This creates a visible border that will let you see the table. The higher the namer you assign to the attribute the ticker the border is. Of course if you don’t add this attribute to the table, the border will be invisible. Ex. border=”4″
  2. Cellpadding. This creates a space between cell walls and contents (pixel). Ex. cellpadding=”8″
  3. Cellspacing. This creates a space between cells (pixel). Ex. cellspacing=”6″
Here is a simple example. I have created a table composed by two cells.

Insert your Adsense code here.

Insert your content here.
Here is the result:
Insert your content here. Insert your Adsense code here.

Ads By Google